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TMJ—What you need to know

Long life of your teeth as well as your dental work starts with optimum relationship of the jaw joints and how these two joints relate to the position of teeth. Disharmony in the back of the chewing machine, or the jaw joints, will produce disharmony in the front of the machine, the teeth and face. Whether a growing child or an aging grandparent, we all need to chew efficiently and comfortably for a lifetime. Dr. Tedman will spend time evaluating the joints at your first appointment, particularly the cartilage disc that cushions them, and ascertain that your machine is chewing harmoniously! Trauma in a growing child can disrupt the harmony in the joints, particularly the cartilage disc and cause not only uneven growth in the jaw, but future problems with headaches, malocclusion, head and neck pain and severe open bites. CAREFUL EVALUATION OF SPORTS INJURIES, WHIPLASH AND OTHER HEAD TRAUMA IS ESSENTIAL TO ASCERTAIN NO DAMAGE HAS NOT BEEN DONE IN A GROWING CHILD. Recapturing the dislocated disc on a growing child can prevent all of the above problems later on in life and is accomplished with oral appliances and imaging of the disc.

Dr. Tedman inspecting a jaw model


In the past, part of getting a cap placed on a broken-down tooth entailed wearing a temporary crown for 2- 3 weeks. Many times, the temporary would break, be uncomfortable or simply fall off! Now, with the computer automated design and milling machine that Dr. Tedman has invested in, all of those inconveniences are history! In addition to this, most times, an impression of the tooth is not even required because the intra-oral scanner creates a 3D model of your new tooth, which is then milled in Emax, a new dental material otherwise known as lithium disilicate. This material is extremely strong, esthetic and chews well against natural teeth. The best part is that there is NO METAL and can be custom characterized to match your natural teeth while you wait! Ask Dr. Tedman or any of her staff about how exciting this technology has been!

Using computer automated design program
Using CEREC machine


Sleep Apnea is definitely an issue with Americans! Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a major contributor to many medical issues to include heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes/insulin-resistance, and hardened arteries, not to mention the problems associated with lowered attention levels and decreased cognitive awareness! The studies are showing a direct relationship between clenching and grinding of the teeth, particularly that of night-time, to sleep apnea, as a protective reflex against the lack of oxygen. Because the lower jaw and tongue are obstructing the airway, causing the obstruction, moving the jaw forward can often take care of all of the problems. This clenching and sleep apnea issue has become an interest of Dr. Tedman’s because she sees lots of clenching and grinding in her practice. Dr. Tedman and her staff are attending certified courses in these issues and will be offering more treatment options in the near future. Call Dr. Tedman for more information!