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Betsy TedmanBetsy Tedman

Owner of Besty Tedman Dental, Dr. Tedman is proud to be a Kansas dentist. A graduate of the Sabetha High School, Betsy attended Kansas State University, where she received her B.S. in pre-dentistry in 1986.

“Selecting dentistry as my career was one of my best choices.  Being a dentist in the past twenty-five years has truly been an exciting time, witnessing many new procedures and technologies.  My team is a wonderful group of talented and skilled women, who not only make our office a warm and friendly place, but a professional environment in which our patients can find answers and solutions to their problems.  It is rewarding to see the transformation patients go through with their treatments, whether that includes simple fillings, crowns or full mouth rehabilitation to beautiful smiles my patients can be proud of!  I couldn’t be more blessed for all this profession has given me.”


Cheryl has been working as a dental hygienist for Dr. Tedman since 1999. A 1995 graduate of Wichita State with an RDH degree, Cheryl strives to get patients involved in their oral health by teaching them the signs of a healthy mouth. She is a huge asset to the practice in both her technical abilities, but her dedication to detail.

“Dedicated to continuing education, Dr. Tedman and I both strive to provide the most up-to-date treatment options available in dentistry.  One interesting change I’ve noted since graduating is the relationship between an even bite and the health of the oral tissues.  Once Dr. Tedman adjusts the bite, the prevention of dental decay and gum disease is much easier for everyone, especially the patient!  My husband, Jesse, and I live in Corning, KS, with my two children, Riley and Colby.  Jesse and I enjoy attending all their sporting events as well as spending time together on our motorcycle.”


Jeni has been a part of Dr. Tedman’s team since 2014 and has really fit right in! Jeni has mastered the dental assisting realm over the past 6 years. She is a quick learner and a natural when it comes to patient service due to her experience in the extended care home setting. When you call the office, she may answer the phone periodically, because, Dr. Tedman likes having all her staff trained to help with patient care and coordination. Jeni and her husband, Ryan, live in a country home where they are raising their children, Crayton and RaeLynn. Their family hobbies include camping, sporting and fishing.

“Though I wasn’t formally trained as a dental assistant, I am gaining confidence in my abilities to assist the doctor as well as her patients. Since I started working for Dr. Tedman, I have been to many courses with her and the rest of the staff. My first time on an airplane was so scary for me at first, but have learned so much in the courses that I feel ready for more travel! I really enjoy getting to know people on a different level and watching them improve their confidence and dental health is so rewarding!”